Kyle Anderson

About Me

The study of Yoga has impacted my life in so many positive and profound ways that I feel a deep need to share and cultivate that experience in others. Spreading a love of self through yoga is my calling, whether via my instruction or my interaction and practice within the community. I can be found attending classes and teaching at Dragonfly Hot Yoga Studios in the Madison, WI area. Hopefully I'll see you there!

YOGA Teaching Style

Specialty: Vinyasa Slow Flow (Hot)
Experience: Vinyasa (Hot, Slow, Power, Core, Chakra), Yin, Workshops.

To me, teaching is about presenting accessible opportunities for each student to realize their own moments of personal grace and growth. My style is upbeat and purposeful, encouraging students to explore and rethink their edges, both mental and physical, and perhaps peek past them to witness a glimpse of their future selves. My Vinyasa flows begin with a firm foundation in mindfulness, joyful focus, self-compassion, and breath. We build from there, fostering confidence, openness, and strength as we work towards empowering peak moments, offering opportunities for each student to find and express their unique voice.

I embrace all experience levels, sharing the importance of self-patience and the subtle beauty of a practice rooted in foundational poses. I advocate honoring oneself, focusing on doing what feels good and right in each person’s own body over some abstract, ideal pose. For me, the diverse way each person expresses and moves through their practice is inspiring and empowering.

YOGA Personal Practice

I started practicing Yoga daily in April 2020. I am an advocate of the benefits of daily practice, spending 5+ days practicing in studio each week (I love a shared practice), and the remaining time studying and practicing/planning in my home studio. I enjoy fast energetic flows, but love taking those few extra breaths to deeply explore poses and transitions.

YOGA Certifications:



I’m an Avid Gamer, Expert+ Beat Saber Player, Writer, Baker, and Game Design Enthusiast. I enjoy cultivating Flow playlists, and shockingly… Yoga. LOTS of Yoga.